Welcome to High Park Day School.  

Preparing a community of diverse learners for success in the 21st century. 

At High Park Day School we believe that all students have the potential to be active, independent thinkers and learners. An effective education must prepare students with the skills needed for success in an ever-changing world. We believe that confidence and motivation are the seeds of life-long learning and that with these, education can be an exploration of ideas and values. Student engagement is critical to inspire students to pursue their own interests and push their personal limits of achievement.

At High Park Day School we meet the changing educational demands that students face in the 21st Century.  We provide an alternative approach to education that prepares our students for success. In addition to a strong academic foundation, we give priority to developing skills of collaboration, communication and critical thinking within our curriculum.  While fostering a sense of global mindedness as well as self-awareness, students are given opportunities to stand in their strengths and build a personal sense of citizenship. 


Our Story

High Park Day School was born in 2010 when two passionate and experienced educators had a conversation about their vision of what schools can and should be – ultimately, a place where students wanted to be and were motivated and excited to learn. With just three students, a table and a single shelf to hold all of their books and materials, High Park Day School opened its doors to the community. Amongst the first elements of our new school were individual programs for Language and Math, differentiated lessons, theme based units, an integrated curriculum, exciting field trips, and strong partnerships with parents and our High Park community.

Throughout our infant years we have expanded our goals well beyond offering a positive experience in education for our students; our purpose is to provide an education that will prepare today’s youth for success in an ever-changing world and to develop the skills students need for effective learning in the “21st Century”.  We have been able to incorporate some of the most recent and exciting evidence-based research in education from around the world to provide the best for our students and prepare them for a successful future.  

As we move forward at High Park Day School, we will continue to develop and refine our programs to suit the changing needs of students.  



The High Park Day School community reaches well beyond the walls of our school. On a daily basis, our students interact with the people and businesses in our neighbourhood. Our recess breaks take place just down the street in a public park, where students play with other local children and often converse with pet owners and other neighbours taking advantage of the beautiful green space. As well, HPDS hosts our gym classes at a nearby church gymnasium and visits the public library. HPDS often welcomes members of the community to be guest speakers. Community outreach and service learning allow students to build a broader range of social skills while developing an understanding of their environment and how they can contribute to it. HPDS also engages in community partnerships which enhance the learning of our students and 'give back' to our partners. We are currently affiliated with Humber College's CYW ProgramKarma Food CoopYork University's Faculty of Education, and OISE.