Our small and caring environment makes HPDS an ideal choice for students who will only be studying in Toronto, Canada for a short time. Small groups and individual attention help new students to feel comfortable and part of the group.


Our PBL theme units run on average for 2 months conveniently providing a definitive start and end to learning modules which helps even short stays to feel complete. Our language and Math programs are individualized so your child receives the program and instruction to optimize their learning.


Our PBL program provides a dynamic environment rich with opportunities for authentic language exposure and exchange. The small group setting also promotes oral communication and confidence in speaking for ESL learners. Individual Language programs are tailored to meet ESL learner needs.

Culture and Community

At HPDS we take our students outside of our school for more meaningful, authentic learning experiences when we see the opportunity and use field trips and experts from our community as guest instructors to enhance our curriculum. Visiting students are exposed to many aspects of life and culture in Canada and Toronto.

While we want to share our culture with our visiting students we also look forward to learning about the new cultures that are brought to us and embrace the opportunity to celebrate the added diversity.

Tuition Fees and Policy

Tuition fees are prorated monthly based on length of stay. Please contact our admissions office for tuition details.


Our application process begins with communication via email or phone. Please contact us for more information about what we can offer your child as a short-term visiting student at High Park Day School.

☐ Email to request an application package
☐ Submit application forms and fee
☐ Skype/phone meet
☐ Written confirmation of acceptance
☐ Agreement signed
☐ Fees paid in full prior to arrival