Technology and Innovation

STEM is Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Maker is the combination of all these things with Art (STEAM). Maker is part of our regular curriculum at High Park Day School. Our Maker curriculum encompasses:

  • Computational Thought
  • Scientific Method
  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Circuits
  • 3D Design/CAD
  • 3D Printing
  • Strategic Gaming
  • Minecraft Texture Packs/Modding/Server Administration
  • Construction/Deconstruction

Students are encouraged to foster real-world skills to plan, design, troubleshoot and complete very complex projects. Below are some of our favourite projects so far.

Maker Makey Project

Students learned about circuits, conductivity, and coding in this fun and engaging project. We learned about wiring and grounding circuits and learned about conductivity as we created video game controllers of all kinds of things.  As an extension many students have coded their own game to use with the controller they designed.

3D Printing

Our 3D printer was put together by our Maker teacher and her daughters (12 and 15) a student and alumnus of the school. It was a kit that arrived in hundreds of pieces. It was assembled, troubleshooted, configured operational in a two month period. Our students have access to the printer all the time and have learned to find designs, alter existing designs, and create new designs and print them.

Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Students learn computational thought and are able to gain experience with a number of platforms that give them an advantage in with selection in competitive high school programs. Raspberry Pi (pictured below with a case that was 3D printed by a student) and Arduino are two of these things.

Other Fun Stuff

Our students are challenged to design, build and craft whatever they dream. From paper craft to sewing and full costumes we help them find a way to make anything.

Recently our students have been challenged to deconstruct discarded toys leaving the component parts intact.  They are using the parts to construct new structures, toys and robots.